Metro Malifaux League Week 4


What follows are a series of narrative battle reports for the Metro Detroit Malifaux League. Participants were able to gain additional raffle tickets for the final prize by submitting narrative reports


By B. Ellsworth [paperbagfox]

The trees were whipping past Lilith’s face as she ran through the forest trying to get as far away from the streets of Malifaux as possible. After the close encounters that took place during the night before, Lilith was in no mood to push their luck more then needed. But the ugly truth about Malifaux is that no matter what there is always something or someone out there that is looking for a fight. There was strange feeling that came over Lilith, and the feeling was the type of sensation that today would prove to be the same. Not looking forward to finding out what exactly brought on the feeling, Lilith pushed on through the trees. 

As Lilith ventured on through the forest a glimmer caught her eye off in the distance. Curiosity got the better of her as Lilith and her minions set a new course toward the flicker of light in the brush of the woods. As Lilith and her followers got closer to their new destination, a sudden noise on their side made them come to an abrupt stop. Feeling like they were on the verge of a trap, Lilith and her crew fanned out in order to not allow the unknown attackers easy pray. And then in a small opening just on the other side of the source of the distraction appeared Kaeris, the new henchman for the Arcanists. Lilith’s eyes widened as Kaeris ignited a flame and sent the burst in the direction of both Lilith and the mature Nephilim. 

Lilith was able to dive out of the path of the flame just in time. Hitting the ground Lilith turned to watch the mature get hit in the chest with the burst. The mature quickly put out the fire that ignited on his clothing and to assess the damage from the attack. Now knowing what group is involved in the attack, Lilith got to her feet and prepared herself for the battle that was about to begin. Sensing Kaeris was taking aim on him again, the mature took flight through the trees to where Kaeris could not see him. 

Having seen the attack on the mature, the young Nephilim wanted to take matters into his own claws and show both Lilith and the mature that he can carry his own weight. Gauging where the flame burst came from, the young charged head strong into battle. The young was able to land two strikes on Kaeris, but was unable to bring down the filthy fire breather. As soon as the second blow landed on the scum, there was reselling came from the shrubs near by. The reselling can from a group of steampunk arachnids rushing toward the fight. Once they reached the battle the little arachnids latched onto the young and started ripping him apart. 

Black blood was flying everywhere, landing on the arachnids as well as Kaeris. Kaeris already being weakened from the young was not able to withstand the power of the young’s blood and fell lifeless to the ground. Lilith seeing this take place hurried to aid the young but was not fast enough to help her baby. The pain in Lilith’s chest grew with every step toward the pack of arachnids that by the time she reached them the lust for revenge was too strong. One swing of the greatsword sent one arachnid smashing into a nearby tree, followed by a downward strike splitting another in half. The last arachnid tried to attach itself to Lilith but was set off into the vast forest by a swing from the greatsword. 

The mature was watching as Lilith dismantled the swarm of arachnids like little play toys; when movement near Lilith drew the attention form the perched Nephilim. Paying close attention to the area where the movement came from, the Nephilim watched as two guns raised and took aim at Lilith. Fearing for his mother the mature dove to attack the unknown gunman. To his surprise the gunman turned out to be the Convict Gunslinger and started to tear into the coward. The Convict was an easy treat for the mature to sharpen his claws on. With his limbs flying the mature could sense pride coming from Lilith behind him. 

Lilith turned back to the original source of their distraction and started to walk to the brush where the glow was coming from. Using her greatsword to pull back the brush find out what was so important to the Arcanists. The source of the glow was non other then a soul stone vein that looked like it would be able to provide power for an extensive amount of time. Sensing the potential power that the vein could produce, Lilith stated to mine the vein for all its worth. While she was gathering the stones, Lilith could hear noise coming from behind her, the sound was that of breaking wood. Lilith noticed a large wagon wheel go flying through the trees and knew that the scum were near. 

Feeling the urge to get out of the woods as soon as she can, Lilith grabbed the newly gathered soul stones and called out to her loves. Sensing the minions heard her Lilith stated moving out of the forest with her crew in toe. Once she made it to a clearing, Lilith turned to allow her loves to catch up and form a new plan. To her surprise the only followers to make it to the clearing was the Doppelganger and two tots. With a heavy heart Lilith forged on with the soul stones slung over her back and the diminished crew in line, hoping that there would not be any more surprises in the future for her and her crew …