Metro Malifaux League Week 3


By B. Ellsworth [paperbagfox]

Meanwhile up in the mountains daybreak was fast approaching as Zoraida, a Doppelganger and a horde of terror tots where looking forward to a day of fun around the train tracks. Now the Neverborn’s way of fun is like no other, on this day the tots decided to bring out the explosives. Zoraida and the Doppelganger wanted to tag along and offer help to the tots as well as making sure that nothing horrible happens to them. The last thing the Neverborn need is to have Lilith go off on a blood rage over her slain babies. While paying close attention to the tots, a strange sensation came over Zoraida and shook her to her core. 

The shiver down Zoraida’s spine forced her to look deeper and discover the source of the disturbance. She was not surprised when the source turned out to be the Guild itself. Zoraida wanting to know what is in store from the Guild, she looked closer and discovered that it was non other then Lady J, the Judge, the Executioner, Santiago Ortega, the Convict Gunslinger and two Death Marshals. Not wanting to allow the tots to have all the fun, Zoraida stated to rummage through her bag of dolls looking for someone to play with. The search did not take long, due to the size of the doll, as she pulled out the fat little doll of the Executioner. 

As the tots ran off to play with their toys, Zoraida started to force her will on the Executioner by making him obey her every demand. Her first demand of the big man was to have him make a strike against Santiago, and the paired claws did what they were meant to do and put a hurt on Santiago. Not knowing why the Executioner was attacking him, Santiago took off in the other direction around the train. As Zoraida watched this happen she could not help cracking a small smile at the confusion of the Guild. But that smile quickly faded as she watched Lady J and the rest of her dysfunctional followers start making their way toward her hiding place behind the rocks. 

Knowing that the Guild scum would be on top of her rocky hiding place, Zoraida made one more controlling prick of the little fat doll in her hand with her pin. Zoraida made the real life copy of her doll chase after Santiago but was not in range to inflict any damage on the already wounded Ortega. As much enjoyment as Zoraida was having she knew that tots were off have fun of their own. But also knew that their type of fun can get them in trouble and with Santiago and the Executioner heading that way, she needed to start heading back for support. With the stench of the Guild bearing down on her, Zoraida pulled out her spell book and case Raven to allow her to fly away from the immediate danger. 

Once out of danger, Zoraida checked in with the rest of the crew finding out that she was too late to save a tot from Santiago. In the distance Zoraida could see that the Doppelganger decided to take revenge for the fallen tot into her own hands by copying Santiago. The Doppelganger took sights with the copied Peacebringers and fired into Santiago, dropping the Ortega with out a second glance. Sensing an on coming attack Zoraida looked around just in time to see the once controlled Executioner thumping toward the Doppelganger with claws ready to kill. Zoraida could not look away from what was on the verge of happing as the bright sun was slowing climbing in the sky. 

The battle was fast and bloody as the Executioner collided with the Doppelganger. The Executioner struck first but was unable to bring her down with his mighty claws. While the Doppelganger mimicked the attacks of the Executioner’s claws hitting the large target, but was unable to bring him lifeless to the ground. That opening left by the Doppelganger was all the Executioner needed to make a quick strike that brought her down in a hurry. Zoraida could feel the strength in the Executioner rising with the lifeless body lying at his feet and needed to gather the forces and get out of the area as soon as they could. 

Relaying the message to the tots that it was time to get out of the area, Zoraida was paying close attention to the Guild movements in the distance. The tots had a other agenda on mind and ignored what the hag was trying to explain to them, and ran off over the tracks to set the other explosives in their string of noisemakers. Little did they know that there was a Death Marshal and the Gunslinger on the other side of the train waiting for them. Even though the tots were able to set the bombs, they did take two casualties in the process. As soon as the tots turned around to head back to the hag the Gunslinger and the Marshal were quick to engaged them, with what looked like no way to escape. 

Sensing that the misbehaving tots were in trouble and the Executioner closing in on the remaining tots, Zoraida was quickly look for a way out of the mess they were in. Her answer came in the form of a large blast off in the distance, and then another closer then the first. Knowing that this was the distraction she was looking for Zoraida called out to the tots tell them to make a run for the forest at the base of the mountain. The third blast came close to the train, sensing the tots heard her and seeing the group of tots closest to her take off down the hill, Zoraida reopened her spells for her Raven spell and took off after the tots. In the background Zoraida heard the last two explosions and the noise from the last tots sprinting through the rocks. 

Knowing that today they were lucky, Zoraida and the tots continued their escape from the Guild. In the back of Zoradia’s mind the thought of some luck is better then no luck, and the day will come when the Guild will loss out on their luck. The feeling that came over Zoraida at the thought of hope that on that day the Neverborn will be there to take advantage and exterminate the slime once and for all …