Lord of the Night ... Chaos Marine Test Model

Warhammer 40,000 – I started work on my Night Lords. I went through my bins of models and was able to find almost all the parts I need to build a 1500 point list.  The chaos portion of the Dark Vengeance box has most of the cultists I need with my Necromunda gangs making up the balance. 

First I'm going to focus on the Lost and Damned Formation before moving on to the Raptors which I'm more excited to start work on. I figure this will help to motivate me to get the Cultists done quicker.

The test model is one of the Chosen from the Dark Vengeance box. I started with this one as it has most of the elements that are going to show up across the range of models. 

The base is a blue spray from Montana Gold, with an over brush of Calador Blue followed by a wash of Drakenhof Blue wash. I then went in an picked out the bone elements, silver cables and copper trim, these all received a wash of Agrax Earthshade. For the power weapons I'm using a purple to contrast the blue armor and will work on the detail to make it look like the claws are crackling with lighting. For the flesh I used an elf flesh base with a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. I'm not sure I'm happy with that look for flayed skin so I might come back to it and give it either a bruised or leathery look.

The list I'm working toward at the moment is:
The Lost and the Damned: 4 units of ten Cultists, 1 Dark Apostle
Lord of the Black Crusade: Sorcerer on Bike
Raptor Talon: Lord, 4 units of six Raptors

I also had a chance to put some paint on the chosen, cultists and few of the Necromunda models I'm using to fill in the ranks of cultists for some variety. I really hope they rerelease the gangs in plastic when Necromunda gets its own box set. I mean with how well Bloodbowl seems to be doing that has to be in the works to bring it back right? I hope the mix of models makes my army feel a bit different than the typical force I've seen on the table. 

This won't be a Night Lords proper list at the moment because I think it like Mark of Slaanesh and the Feel No Pain banner on these units to hit harder. I also want to be able to thematically add a 500 point Slaanesh Daemon list to make use of other models that have been shelved since I sold off my other chaos forces.