Genestealer Cult Kill Team

Warhammer 40,000 - I love Shadow War so much so that I built a second Kill Team from my Genestealer Cult army. I wasn't loving how the GSC played in 40k right now, so I temporarily shelved them to work on my Night Lords. With 8th edition looming I'm reluctant to do to much more with either force as the formations that make up the lists might not be valid or optimal under the new rules. So instead I'll work on small kill teams to play in Shadow War right now.

I opted to stick with a orange and white color scheme for my cult. I think it makes the mining suits look great and the orange really pops with the purple skin tone of the hybrids. I didn't realize it until I got several painted but they also look similar to the flight suits from Star Wars and from Alien. I'm tempted to look for big clear glass fishbowl helmets but will most likely refrain due to the difficultly of attaching and sealing clear acrylic to models.

I base coated the suit with Jokero Orange and the armor portions with Celestial Grey. Once that dried I applied a wash of Agrax Earthshade of both colors. This gave it a dirty feel while also shading the entire model. Once the wash dried I picked out the flesh with Kislev Flesh and wash it with leviathan purple, followed up with some clean up and highlights.

Step two I highlighted the grey areas with Ultwan Grey and picked out the raised portions of the orange with the base color. Next up is a quick coat of dark brown on the pouches, and red on the blasting charges. At this point I'm happy with the look of them and will probably get them on the table soon.

Before I seal them I'll most likely go back in with a final layer of highlight to pick out the extreme edge of everything as well as do a minor light effect on the spotlight to give it more of a glowing look.