Just Plain Gross - Nurgle Plague Bearers

Warhammer 40,000 - One of my Chaos Space Marine clients recently dropped off a bunch of Nurgle Daemons to get painted. He's starting up new force in preparation for 8th where it's thought that Nurgle will see some serious love. Based on what I've seen in the rumor mill and in the official releases that should be the case.

This client keeps most of his models in the three color plus wash category. It makes sense in large scale army games like 40k where rank and file troopers don't tend to stay on the table long, but you need a ton of them.

For these guys I started with a olive green followed by a bright green dry brush. The pocks and tears were painted pink and the weapons given a coat of gunmetal. Once the base coat was dry I applied am overwash of crimson to the whole thing. This pulled all the colors together and made the pink look infected and gross. After the wash dried I pick out the teeth and horns with a bone color and painted the eyes fluorescent yellow.

The whole process is quick and easy to replicate. After seeing the first batch of ten my client gave me more of them as well as a bunch of Nurglings.