New Edition - New Army?

Warhammer 40,000 - Regular readers will know I have a terrible time following my own projects to completion. Commission work I breeze through in record time and can easily crank out a massive force in a few weeks, but when it comes to my own models I have shelves of things that got three colors to get to the table and I never quite got around to finishing them (Looking at you Space Marine Chapter...)

With the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 I've decided to take one of my armies and actually paint the whole thing to completion. When Genestealer Cult was released I was super excited and picked up a full force that consisted of mostly models from the DeathWatch: Overkill box game. Having been a fan of the concept and background story for the army being able to actually play them on the table seemed perfect for me. Sadly during the end of Seventh Edition I had a hard time focusing on the cult and after a few bad games with them I got distracted by the Chaos Legion rules (for the whole six months they my army put together and the edition changed before I could paint them).

When Shadow War: Armageddon was launched I took the opportunity to paint up a dozen or so of the Genestealer Cult models to near completion. The orange and white scheme I chose to go with looks really cool on the table and I enjoy painting it so it should be simple to crank through these a unit at a time. My goal is to build 2-3 1500 point lists that share units so I can a. get all thee models I own painted and b. learn to play the force by focusing on different detachments.

First I'm going to focus on a Battalion Detachment. Having six command points should be fine to get me through a 1500 point game and I have a well rounded force planned of Neophytes, Acolytes, Genestealers, some Goliath Rockgrinders and a few Chimeras. I'll use the unit entries as my goals for each week and should be able to get at least one done a week between my commission work and real life.

Once the Battalion is done I'm going to focus on a Vanguard Detachment with a heavy genestealer and abberant theme. Ideally I think this will be the more competitive build since genestealers are nasty when they get to combat and being able to ambush with them might be the best way to do that.