Shadows of Brimstone - The Monsters

Board Games - When it comes to board games with miniatures there are two – three distinct varieties. First is the pre-assembled or single piece miniature. These pass the "Christmas Morning Test" meaning you don't have to do anything other than open the box to get started playing. The second type are snap together, these models require a little assembly but not necessarily glue or filler to get them in a playable state. The last type requires some significant modeling, gluing and filling just like a standard tabletop miniature game. My current board game project, Shadows of Brimstone falls into that last category.

This is one of the games that came out when Kickstarter was the new hotness and tons of games came out that had crazy stretch goals and boatloads of minis. That's not to say those types of Kickstarters don't exist now they just seemed to be more common a few years ago.

This game is a dungeon crawl set in the Old West and has a bot of a Cthulu lurking horror look about the minis.

For the paint on these my client asked I come close to the colors on the cards so it was pretty straightforward to match the blues and purples of the art. The monsters are all pretty good sculpts. Some of the detail is a little softer than I would like and my guess is this is some digital sculpting on the set. It's easier enough to see where the details were but it required a bit of patience to pick them out as standard wash and dry brush wasn't going to cut it.

To tie these all together I used a crimson wash for the shading on all the models. It helps to give them a weird otherworldly look while keeping a unifying theme for the various monsters.