Reaper Bone 3 Delivers

Kickstarter – After some minor delays the Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter arrived. I didn't go whole hog on this one as I don't play D&D I don't really need a boatload of Fantasy models, even if it's an amazing deal. While this was running my group was playing quite a bit of Frostgrave however, so I did pick up the Graveyard set to fill out my board.

The hard plastic tomb and fencing were a great deal and I'll be able to make use of them in a variety of settings. The kit also came with a bunch of random Graveyard denizens that I think I can use as wandering monsters once we get back to playing Frostgrave.

I also picked up a couple of the other unique monsters that were available for cheap and am very happy with my purchase. I have no idea what I'll do with them but having cool models on the shelf waiting to paint is sort of my thing...

My only complaint is the same one that I have with Kickstarter in general. I'm am impulsive person I buy stuff in the check-lanes all the time, when I want something I want it now. So while this was a great deal, we're not playing Frostgrave at the moment — whereas when I backed this Frostgrave was the bomb and we were playing it every week a few games per session. Now I'm going to have to drum up interest again so I can use the Graveyard Golem in my warband.