Whatever Happened to ... Dreadball Extreme

Dreadball – Mantic Games. the kings of making a budget minded version of someone else's IP. Well at least that's what they used to be known for. Need a cheaper fantasy army that looks different check out Mantic. They've grown leaps and bounds since they started out but I still always get that store brand feeling with most of their games. I haven't had a chance to try out Walking Dead yet, but from what I've seen it might be the game that breaks Mantics mold for me.

Dreadball was a futuristic sports ball game that seemed to be a rift on Blood Bowl. The difference being I actually enjoyed the demo I played of Dreadball. Not enough to invest but it was fun. That is until they announced the Kickstarter for Dreadball Extreme. Prison Rules seemed up my alley and I was excited.

After the Kickstarter wrapped and the core box was delivered there were delays and changes to the rest of the releases for game. Extreme ceased being it's own game and became more of a optional way to play the core game.

I got as far as reading the rulebook on this one. The negativity from the Kickstarter boards killed any excited I had for the game and it sits shelved. I had hopes of bringing it out eventually, but with a fresh version of Bloodbowl as well as Guild Ball; I think that niche market is flooded.

Is Dreadball still kicking in your area? Was it EXTREME enough to survive? Let me know in the comments below.