On the painting table ... Raptors

Warhammer 40,000 – It's always weird to me when a Chapter Tactic that has been traditionally overlooked suddenly becomes really good. With the Raptors successor chapter using their special character rules combined with their parent chapters tactics you have a very potent gunline or alpha strike with the best of them.

One of my regular clients is building a Space Marine army which I thought was going to be Blood Angels but has since become a Raptors chapter. The traditional army green and khaki on space marines is something you don't see often (or at least didn't when I started this project).

The first chunk of the force consists of there scout squads and a 30K Raven Guard Sniper who can stand in as Liass Issadon.  Castellan Green with a Camoshade wash gets the green to a basic standard, as does a black, khaki and wash on the other colors. Below you can see the difference between a 3C Paint Job and a 3C Paint Job with a wash. 

Adding one level of highlights and details will take these models from acceptable to tabletop ready. It's really amazing how much better a model looks with a little extra love.

In a later post I'll show the high level paint job. More details and levels of shade/highlight bring the model from good looking at arm's length to good looking in your hands. 

Most 40K armies I paint stick with either the basic 3C with wash of tabletop standard, given the number of models it becomes time/cost prohibitive for most people to get to the final level. The obvious choice it to do characters to the higher level as the should live longer and see more table time than the average trooper.