Maelstrom of War ... Team Battle

Warhammer 40,000 – Eighth Edition 40K still seems to be a hit with my group. Each week we've had a four player team game trying out different styles of play. This week we put a restriction of 2,000 point battle forged armies with no "titanic" models. The idea being that we'd see how things work with focusing on the more standard units. We rolled off to determine teams and then followed the rule book to set up a standard Maelstrom of War Mission.

The teams this week were a Death Corp. of Krieg Guard army and Space Marine Salamanders vs Space Marine Carchadons and Chaos Marines.

My list was an outrider detachment that consisted of:
1 – Tyberos The Red Wake
1 – Chaplain in Terminator Armor
8 – Assault Terminators (mix of hammers and claws)
3 – Razorbacks with Assault Cannons
3 – Six-man Assault Squads (no jump packs, two flamers per squad)
1 – Venerable Dreadnought (lascannon and missile launcher)
1 – Land Speeder (typhoon and multi-melta)
1 – Caestus Assault Ram

My teammate ran something with Belekor, a Landraider Redeemer, some terminators, cultists, havocs, and a rapier laser.

Our opponents had a Caestus Assualt Ram, Thunder Hammer Terminators, a land raider, some tactical marines a librarian, and Chaplain. The Death Corp consisted of several squads of Engineer Squads backed up by commissars, two Maticores, two Basilisks, three quad guns, several heavy weapon teams, and some Ogryn.

I didn't take great notes, but my partner and I had a hard time getting on the same page as we both wanted to try out new stuff and wound up stepping on each others toes while the guard and Salamanders moved into our backfield. Contrary to average dice rolls massed shooting at the Terminators was ineffective. My partner spilt his fire between the Assault Ram and Landraider and was able to reduce their effectiveness.

The special shot guns the Engineers carry tore up terminators in overwatch (although they inflicted just as many casualties on themselves). Not suffering moral effects meant the guard were able to tie up theCarchadon terminators for two rounds. Om the other side of the field the Chaos terminators died when the Salamanders joined their combat with a squad of engineers. In our backfield the Thuderhammer Terminators continued to tear through units of marines. Belekor tore apart the Salamanders Assault ram before moving on to challenge the Librarian and Chaplain. The null-zone power the Librarian took proved Belekor's downfall.

The game ended with a narrow victory for the Salamanders and Death Corp. It's possible we could have come back but as it was late we called the game on Turn 4.