On the painting table ... Lucius Pattern Drop Pod

Warhammer 40,000 – Dreadnoughts in drop pods were the bane of my existence during 6th and 7th edition. Anytime I'd want to play a vehicle heavy force they'd drop in front of my line block LOS and miraculously explode a key unit almost without fail. I think this was mostly because it was so easy to use the plastic kit and move those machines across the field quickly. Paying almost double for a Lucius Pattern Pod made them rarely seen or purchased in my area. Now that Dreadnoughts can't go in a regular drop pod I feel like you might see more of these massive resin models hitting the table.

This week I was able to get a bunch of work done on a Lucius Pattern Pod for one of my regular clients. As you can probably tell from the bright orange paint these go with the Dawn Spears chapter that he keeps adding to. It's a relatively simple scheme that falls into my economy tier of painting that is so popular with 40K players. This also has custom decals that call out his unique chapter. (the last time I saw him play he had also picked up some custom dice with his chapter logo – a man after my own heart)

Assembly of drop pods has historically been a nightmare. Surprisingly the Forge World variation went together like a dream. Consisting of only a few pieces with very obvious glue points, I had it together in no time. I'm really happy with this kit and could see myself eventually adding one or two to my own force. If you want to give resin a try and are scared of the extra effort required to properly put it together, this is the perfect kit to start with.