Bring the Noise!


Warhammer 40,000 – Being able to shoot twice with a bunch of shots that ignore cover is pretty good. Being able to shoot with a model when it dies (even in combat) is really good. Which explains why one of my Black Legion clients is adding a bunch of them to his force.

Before he gives me the full batch however he wanted to see how the pink helmet works with his color scheme. To call out the cult troops he has a different color head. So Khorne is red, Slaanesh pink, Tzeetch blue and Nurgle green. Combined with their unique armaments it makes the models stand out as special in a sea of black and gold. 

The sonic blaster is an interesting third party accessory that is shorter than the official GW one and feels more like the Horus Hersey era versions. I believe Spellcrow also makes a guitar version for those of you that want to relieve the old-school versions.