Rush Job - Nurglings and a Herald

Warhammer 40,000 – For some of my regular clients I offer a rush service. For a slight premium they can get bumped to the front of my queue. This option is very popular with some of my more tournament minded clients who have crazy list ideas pop into their head and need a few models to add to their existing force.

My latest batch are a few bases of Nurglings and a Pink Horror to help fill out a Chaos Daemon battalion. My client wasn’t to concerned with the benefits of doing pure detachments to gain the Locus abilities. His game plan is more about dumping a bunch of Bloodletters in your face ASAP and having cheap effective bodies to fill out the battalion and gain the 5CP.

Painting these was pretty simple after a base coat I applied a heavy wash. Picked out the details and added one level of highlight. This is my tabletop standard which is slightly better than a basic 3C paint with wash. Both types look great at arms length but the extra contrast the tabletop standard provides is a pretty exceptional value.