Escalation League – Week 3

Warhammer 40,000 – This week I played another 2v1 game. Which meant I was running two complete 50PL armies, double what I had prepared for. Luckily with power level its super fast to build a list, I grabbed a Chaos Knight 24PL, a terminator sorcerer 6PL, a dark apostle 6PL and 4 units of cultists 3PL each. Quick and easier. whatever they're carrying is what they're armed with and I'm ready to play.


The other force is the one I've been going back and forth with finally settling on running a Tzeentch Daemon vanguard list as my core with the warlord and backing it up with a Nightlords detachment of Raptors, Warp Talons and a Sorcerer. This list is almost fully painted so finishing it up before the end of the session can net me some much needed wins. 

Supply drop is one of those missions that you just don't know what the goal is until the third round. Knowing this I held back all my cultists so I'd be able to rush and hold whatever two objectives became worth holding. My plan was to get in their face with my aggressive elements and hold back the cultists out of sight until they had something to run to and claim.