Escalation League – I got more points than you and didn't win?


Warhammer 40,000 – If you build a list to table an opponent in 2-3 turns you will win 90% of your games this is the sad truth with most tabletop games. Weird missions and other things to improve tactics so players play to the mission are great. But when the final score doesn't matter because you have no models left does playing to the mission matter?


Being as this was the second time I played this mission I built my list with more models that are faster and focused on playing the mission. (see this post for complete mission breakdown) It looked like this was going to pay off for me. At the end of my first opponents turn one of the "refugee" tokens made it off the board scoring me 6 points. The other was close to going off on my second opponents turn but some cagey table-talk resulted in them coming up with a plan, effectively turning this 3 player "carnage" game into a 2v1 curb-stomp. 


The end of the second "battleround" saw me way up on points with two of the "refugee" tokens safely off the board and the Imperials unable to actually catch up on points. Thus the focus became wipe the chaos scum off the board and forget about the last token...


The end result saw me with 17 points (12 from the tokens, 1 for first blood and 4 units killed) and the imperials sitting at 4 and 7 for killing my units and warlord. Because I had no models left this was a Imperial Victory. As a reward they get to chose one of the missions for next week.