WIP - Iron Angels?


Warhammer 40,000 – I don't think I can extoll the virtues of making up your own force and color scheme in 40k enough. The flexibility it affords and money you can save in the long run is really worth it. Of course you'll occasionally get somebody who gives you the side-eye every time you say successor chapter but whatever that will happen regardless of what you do.

This batch of Blood Angels is part of the Tyrant's Legion force I painted for a client quite some time ago. This client is pretty clever as all of his Imperial Forces share the same heraldry so mixing the forces looks good on the table, even if it's a mishmash soup list.

When I'm done this will be my basic three color + wash paint job with custom decals. Super affordable and quick to turn around this is the option for players that like to play and just need something that looks decent at arms length.

All that's left are the decals and sealing and these will be ready for the table.