Khorne on the Cob?


Warhammer 40,000 – The Beta Rules and Faqs have put a damper on some of the more prevalent strategies for the Chaos Super-Faction. Soup is gone, Alpha-Strike is limited, and the Never-ending Cultist Bowl is a thing of the past. Things change so fast that some of the units my clients give me change in function before I finish painting them. With the FAQs dropping twice a year now it should be easier to anticipate what may or may not change.

This batch has Bloodletters and Cultists that were meant for a turn one Alpha Strike. The tactic is still effective just not optimized to neuter your opponent before they can move a model. 

The Cultists are converted from the Khorne models included in the Age of Sigmar core set. I think the conversion would work better with actual auto pistols or stub guns maybe from the Necromunda gangs or a third party seller.