Morty's Coming...


Warhammer 40,000 – Every time I sat down to work on Mortarion, the Primarch of theDeath Guard this old Esham song from a B-movie soundtrack kept running through my head. It got so bad I had to break down and buy the damn thing. Check it out and see how bad it sticks in your head.

Now that you can't stop humming, "Morty's coming, show me your deepest fear..." check out my work. I started with a bone and green base, and then washed with camo-shade. This gave me a solid surface to work up from. Since my client is keeping this on the less-expensive side after the wash it was really just a matter of working up the details and adding some effects. The model is so amazing it's hard to stop once you start painting it. Just like the other models in the new Nurgle range they're covered with detail and cool little elements all over the model.