Genestealers, Spores and another Tyrant - Leviathan Rising

Warhammer 40,000 – Hivefleet Leviathan has spawned a few new beasties to aid in their consumption of the galaxy. One of my long-standing commission clients decided to add a large batch of models to his army to fill out his list for an upcoming GT. This batch includes some Spore Mines to annoy opponents, 26 Genestealers to rip apart opponents and a second Flying Hive Tyrant to lay waste to troops at range.

The Genestealers are interesting because he’s added in models with the Acid Maw upgrade to give them a little shooting. To tell them apart he’s put them on a 40mm base with the spawning point so it is obvious to him and his opponents which one is different.

For the paint scheme it follows the same formula as the rest of the force which you can read about here.