Firefly Adventures: Expansions


Board Games – Firefly Adventures is the latest board game to take place in the Serenity Universe. This one is focused on the crew and their actions instead of the ship so I would imagine it feels a bit more like the show and is probably pretty fun. I’ve yet to play it, but from what I’ve read and watched about the game it seems cool.


The miniatures other than being easily identifiable as the character they represent, are less than impressive. They are pretty standard board game miniatures which means soft bendy plastic and soft details. With a little work you can make they look pretty good. Honestly I’m impressed how well they captured each model any one who’s seen the show can easy recognize them out of context so in that aspect they nailed it.

This batch consists of the Wanted Fugitives and Respectable Folk expansions which round out the crew from the show. With this I think I’ve painted every member of the crew in some form.