The Others: Seven Sins - Gamma Team

Board Games – The Others: Seven Sins is a fun board game with a pretty rich backstory involving the supernatural, a government agency and a Cthulu-esque threat that needs to be dealt with. The coolest part of this game are the miniatures. Each one is well detailed, hard-ish plastic and looks just like the art on the character cards. If you’re a fan of Hellboy, BRP, MIB, or Ghostbusters you’re probably going to like this game’s concept.


Having painted just about every other expansion for this game for my regular board game client. I love these models and can’t wait to paint up my own set.

The Gamma Team box comes with six corrupted gangsters, six corrupted diplomats (which honestly look like old-folks home residents) and five new heroes represented by six models (one’s a werewolf … duh). These are full of character and I enjoyed painting them. I couldn’t resist giving the gorilla and Aquaman-esque uniform as it just seemed right.