There Can Be Only One - Highlander Board Game

Board Games – Nostalgia sure is a powerful motivator. Picking up a licensed property from the 80’s and 90’s to bring out as a board game seems to be all the rage right now. Some of these games are really good and some just like the licensing craze of the 80’s-90’s are just cash-grabs that slap some movie art onto a box with some loose rules destined to fail before they launch. The latest of these nostalgia-based games to cross my desk is Highlander the board game, by River Horse productions.

In all honestly I haven’t played the game nor do I have any plans to in the near future. I’m sure its a fun game or at the very least has an interesting rule set. What I’m concerned with at the moment are the minis. If you’re pushing a licensed game having miniature of beloved characters is a huge draw. (I mean look what it did for Zombicide, faux-pop icons drove those campaigns to ridiculousness).

The minis included in the core game and expansion feature all the characters from the films in both their modern day and “historical” garb. A little on the small side the minis capture the general feel of the shot from the film featured on each card but lack the detail of other similar games. Having seen the painted minis on Riverhorse’s website if you put in a ton of extra enough effort you’ll be able to make them look really great. Otherwise they’ll look good and convey the character they represent better than a wooden token.