Sneaky Dark Angels and Imperial Assassins


Warhammer 40,000 – Death Watch don’t get access to any of the Phobos Pattern Space Marines from the latest boxset. Which of course bummed my Death Watch client out, luckily he also collects Dark Angels so rather than black this set of models is going to be green.


Since these are the sneaky marines I’m faking a “desert camo” on the cloaks that ties in with the robes of regular Dark Angels. Something simple to match the basing and imply that these guys are hiding out ambushing the enemy. Painting was pretty standard, Caliban Green base coat, pick out the gun metal, black and red bits before applying a wash to shade the model. A quick edge highlight put these guys at a tabletop standard.


To do the cloaks I started with a medium brown base, after applying a wash to shade the cloak I cleaned up the edges and applied a simple highlight. With 28mm models keeping it simple is the way to go. Complicated camo patterns don’t translate well and turn into a convoluted mess quickly.

The other part of this project are the four Imperial Assassins. After the White Dwarfs rules were released pretty much every Imperial Army is leaving 85 reserve points open to summon whatever assassin will best help out their force. The recent FAQ clarifying that it’s an either you summon or you take a detachment should stop any potential abuses and the increase of the CP cost to 2CP makes using the stratagem something to think about rather than be a no-brainer. For these I stuck with the traditional schemes.