Outlaws and Renegades - Painting Revolutionary Patriots


Historical - As a country founded by immigrants, rebels and outlaws it’s pretty amazing the place this country is at today, for good or ill our founding fathers made this all possible by standing up for what they believed. (of course now-a-days they’d just whine about it on Twitter and Facebook … ) So it was a pleasure to get my first batch of Revolutionary Patriots to paint. While I have no interest in playing out historical battles painting them for someone else is pretty fun. My understanding is these tend to be HUGE armies with ranked up models so my client was looking for something inexpensive and easy for my to replicate on 100’s of models.

While the first batch is only 24 models, I’ve been told there with be many more. To make painting easier I used a tiny dab of super glue to stick them to some Mantic bases I had laying around. PROTIP: If you use super glue for temporary bonds you can put it in the freezer and the models will pop off easily.


To get these painted quickly and affordably I started with a grey primer. I then did a quick base coat of a bone color since the majority of the model would be cream and blue. (Obviously blue covers cream better than vice-versa so I start with the light color) Once that has dried I painted the coats with Kantor Blue, as one of GW’s base paints this cover in one coat and thins pretty nicely to flow over the deep fold in the arms. Next up I fill in the face and hands with Kislev Flesh, and then paint the gun in a silver, followed by a chocolate brown on the boots, gunstock and hair.


Once that dried I did a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade to bring it all together and give the figure some depth. The bases on these models are temporary, as my client likes to do the basing himself on these, which is why they look so sloppy. They’ll be popped off the base when i turn them back over.

Using this method I was able to paint all 24 in one sitting while binge-watching something on Netflix. I’m very happy with the results and look forward to the next set.