WWII Waffen SS Miniatures


Historical - My second batch of historical miniatures are some Waffen SS soldiers for the German WWII army. With this batch my client started painting a few models and soon realized he didn’t have the patience or time to do the detailed camouflage work that he wanted on this set. Lucky for me he was using Scale 75 paints and gave me the set of paints he was using. I’ve never had a chance to use Scale 75 since most of my projects veer more towards the bright end of the spectrum so a bunch of greens and browns aren’t in my wheel-house. I do have to say these are really nice paints. The dropper bottle is useful and they thin down beautifully,

To do the camo I started with a brown base washed it with Nuln Oil and then added some green stripes. From there it was a matter of adding the light dots all over the uniform. I tried to keep it in patterns so they avoid looking like polka dots and layered these up one color at a time. The end result is very close to what my client provided and he was quite happy with them.

For this project the client wants to do the basing himself, it’s a very Zen thing to do almost like super tiny gardening, so I left the bases raw. He also has some decals for the uniforms that he’ll apply later if they are needed so I didn’t have to worry about rank badges or anything.