Band of Brothers


Historical – Band of Brothers was a pretty decent HBO show from back in the day that followed the exploits of Easy Company across the European Continent. I believe it was based on a book and the series was directed by Steven Spielburg. That late 1990’s series was part of HBO series really taking off and changing the face of television.

This latest project is for one of my historical clients that picked up this set from Stoessi’s Heroes which I believe is also where the Hogan’s Heroes minis I painted either this year came from as well.

Painting these is incredibly similar to painting Cadians for Warhammer 40k mostly because they were the inspiration for most of the Imperial Guard color schemes. I started with a dark olive green base followed by a quick dry brush of a lighter olive color. Once that dried I did a wash of Athonian Camoshade, I really love this wash as it shades well and ties the colors together. It also does a great job at shading wood, especially when you have mostly brown scheme the green wash can differentiate from the standard brown or black wash you typically see on these types of models.

I’m really happy with how these came out and my client is very excited to play out the special scenarios he picked them up for.