Ultramarines – Sneaky Version?

Warhammer 40,000 – Shadow Spear introduced some pretty cool new units to the Primaris Space Marine range. This time around I’m painting they in the colors of Ultramar. These guys are destined to join up with the other Ultramarines I recently painted as part of an ever-expanding force.

Having painted these models as Dark Angels earlier this month and now as Ultramarines I can attest to just how amazingly cool these models are. The first wave of Primaris Marines were cool but over-all pretty plain and mono-posed; with the limited unit selection there wasn’t much to drive me to collect them. The Phobos-pattern stuff changed my mind. Yes, you still have the mono-pose issue as well as limited weapon choices (THANKS Chapter House … now we get stupid names and no variations until a model is produced) but at least the models have more character.

Painting these guys follows the same technique as the previous models I did for this client. Seeing a Primaris force on the table now with the added variety really looks cool.

What do you think of the Primaris Marines? How long until Robute executes Order 66? Let me know what you think in the comments below.