Khorne Daemons - Hounds of Hell



Age of Sigmar – I’m always excited to try out new lines of paint, the science behind it is always evolving and new formulas mean new techniques. Games Workshop’s latest creation is Contrast Paints, which are billed as the paint equivalent of Jesus rising from the grave. Magic in a bottle that will turn your cabinet of grey shame into a multi-hued collection of fully painted models. Glory, glory Hallelujah!

Luckily one of my clients had the perfect batch of models for me to test this miracle out on. Khorne recently was blessed with some new plastic versions of some of the older daemon kits. Being primarily blood red, brass and black I was able to take advantage of some of the new line.

First thing I used the Bone Undercoat (note this is a paint not a primer so it doesn’t actually improve the bonding of the top coats of paint), at $15 a can it’s pretty pricey and one of my biggest gripes about the “correct” way to use Contrast paints. The finish is incredibly smooth and does make the next step more consistent.

(After further testing the contrast paint works just fine over regular primer, or artist acrylic spray paints like Montana Gold. Your results will vary a bit depending on how good you are at spraying models but thankfully you’re not locked into a pretty overpriced paint, which honestly might very well be worth the investment if you’re not painting hundreds of models at a time).

My usual technique when batch painting a bunch of models is to prime them, apply an undercoat of the predominant color, wash and pick out details. Which is pretty fast on most models that are used in army scale games. With Contrast I primed the models, applied one thick coat of the contrast paint, let it dry and then went into doing details. So in my process this cut out one step. Not a ton of time saved and the investment in the special primer and paint doesn’t quite make me want to switch to this technique for everything.

I am happy with the results. the effect is very similar to painting a mephiston red base coat with an earthshade wash. I’m going to try this on another batch of models that are less organic to see what the results are like before I go out a buy any more of the colors in this line.

In my opinion Contrast is a cool tool to add to your arsenal, but it’s not really a replacement for trick and techniques you’re already using. And the best results come from combining contrast with the washes, layers and technical paints to achieve exactly what you want to achieve.