Black Plague - Zombicide in the Dark Ages


Board Games – I remember when the first Zombicide game was up on Kickstarter, zombies were all the rage and Walking Dead was fresh and different, survivors based on pop icons drove the stretch goals to create an annual cash cow for CMON. As with most “sequels” the franchise eventually lost steam and rebooted in an Evil Dead 3-ish realm of mid-evil zombies and necromancers. Of course this also gave the game access to a variety of fantasy tropes that breathed new life into the franchise and wrangled in fantasy players with a refined version of the game that uses a nifty dashboard instead of the awkward “paperclip” for tracking your character.

Much like it’s predecessors the game has a boatload of great sculpts that are just begging to be painted. The heroes look much like your typical DnD party with a mage, warrior, elf, tavern-wench come heroine and a burly dwarf. There’s also a plethora of additional survivors that you can track down to give options when creating your party.

I made use of the new Contrast paints over a variety of base colors to give the zombies a fresh to really decayed look. I stuck with a minimal color pallet for the zombies clothes. I think this looks better than having a mis-mash of colors and should further help to identify the different zombie types. After the paint and wash I applied some blood effects to gore them up.

The Survivors were painted in a mixture of browns and tans to match the card art. I’m pretty happy with how thee turned out. The basing is just a coat of Games Workshop’s texture paint, it’s neutral enough to match most of the boards in the game and adds a little more character to the models than a basic black base.