Mutants or Hybrids ... Genestealer Cult

Mutants or Hybrids ... Genestealer Cult

Warhammer 40,000 – In preparation for my birthday tunnel fight event I spent some time putting some paint on my Genestealer Cult. This is a project I was really excited about when it first came out and then I lost steam when 8th edition came out. Between getting my marines of both varieties up to speed and numerous commissions; I haven't had much space on my paint table. 

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Happy Birthday to Me

Random - It's my Birthday and I got some new toys. Look for a full review of these in the future.

Super Dungeon Von Drake's Manor - Love the look of this box. I really need to allocate some time to playing this game and getting these minis painted. The whole thing is way to fun to sit on the shelf.

Chessex Pound of Dice - You can never have enough dice, this bag has a full pound of assorted D6. I really like these to have in my community dice box. Nothing is more frustrating than having somebody else touch your dice and jinx them.

Deathwatch: Honour the Chapter - I love these books even if I never get a chance to play the RPG the wealth of information within these is great to read. I've been absorbing all this stuff as I begin to rework my own Space Marine Chapters backstory.