Mutants or Hybrids ... Genestealer Cult

Warhammer 40,000 – In preparation for my birthday tunnel fight event I spent some time putting some paint on my Genestealer Cult. This is a project I was really excited about when it first came out and then I lost steam when 8th edition came out. Between getting my marines of both varieties up to speed and numerous commissions; I haven't had much space on my paint table. 

Doing a themed tunnel fight was the perfect excuse to get 30PL of my cult painted to at least a basic standard. Eventually I want to take these to top tier level but for now I'll settle for basic so they look good on the table and I can figure out what direction I want to take this force. Sadly until a codex comes out for theme I think I'll be sticking with the models I already own rather than investing in the Goliath kit, I wish they would have done the truck and rockgrinder as two separate kits to allow for buying the transport with out the fancy plow. As it is $60 for a basic transport is to much for me without knowing what they'll do in the future.