On the painting table ... C. Hoffman, Iron Man?

Malifaux – I've begun work on a C. Hoffman crew. This is the first time I've painted up this particular box and was surprised at the amount of flash that I had to remove. Typically Wyrd miniatures come fairly clean with light mold lines and minimal flash to trim. With all the tiny mechanical bits on these there are a ton of vent lines and other types of flash that need to be trimmed up. 

To go along with the crew box I'm also working on a Steamborg, Guard Captain and Scales of Justice totem. These will all eventually find a home with the other Guild masters I've painted for the same client. 

Most of the construct heavy crews I've painted in the past have been mostly silver and chrome. While that is a good look for most metallic bitz, this time around I wanted to do something different. According to the fluff the Guild has all the money due to controlling traffic in and out of the Breach, since Hoffman is a Guild officer I figure he would have a bit more flash in his retinue of machines. I started with a brass/gold feel and thought it was a bit much, after adding some red to tie in with the Guild colors I realized I had essentially created a Malifaux Iron man. I'm digging the look a feel so far and am hoping I'll be able to translate the look into any other constructs my client might want to add in the future.