On the painting table ... Cowboy Up

Malifaux – Another Guild commission finds its way to my table this week. This time around is a basic 35 Soulstone crew led by Lady Justice. My client picked up and assembled a Lady Justice crew box, Alt. Executioner, and Sam Hopkins with the Ghost Town base inserts. The nice thing about have the models provided assembled and "cleaned up" means I can solely focus on the paint job and get it done farily quickly. 

It seems that The Guild is the go to faction of choice for most new players. Which honestly makes alot of sense they're very straight forward, have fairly high damage output and a minimal amount of "tricks." The fact that most of the demos I run feature Guild vs. Ressurectionists probably also comes into play. 

With this crew I was asked to stick with a black/brown color scheme. It feels very dark and brooding to me. To paint the gray/black I used a dark gray base and built up the color using a black wash which creates a nice effect for black cloth. I broke down and picked up a few more of the new brown colors from GW's line as it's nice to be able to grab two pots and have your base and highlight spelled out for you. I usually mix my own colors but the new GW color system has its own merits (namely being able to replicate colors at a later date with very little trial and error).

I went with a deep red on Justice's hair this time around and am very happy with the result. Again I'm finding the GW paint system to be convient with the variety of premixed reds that allow you to build up the highlights quickly and easily.

All that's left on these is to apply some gras tuffs and clean up the eyes. Once they're sealed I'll go back in and add some gloss varnish to the water troughs.

On the painting table ...

Malifaux/Hell Dorado – To go along with the Executioner and Enslaved Nephilim I've been working on my client requested a Student of Conflict as well as some special tokens. He requested some dynamite counters, treasure counters and a bag of soul stones. He's also requested a double 50mm fire token. 

After re-reading what the tokens are I realized that I could use some of the blocks I've already cast to create a token set for him. I have some crates that fit nicely on a 30mm base as have just enough space to freehand TNT onto them. For the treasure tokens I have some small chests that also fit perfectly.

While working on that project I'm also getting some paint on a Saracen and Westerns box set for Hell Dorado. The Saracens are themed on the Genie from Aladdin. I've always liked that pale blue color and I think it works well with these models. The Westerners are borrowing a green, orange a white scheme that feels very Irish to me. As the board with be very earthy feeling I wanted to be sure the models were bright enough to stand out without looking clownish.

So far I think they're working and I only have a few details and highlights to go on them before I move into the next stage.