On the Painting Table - Christmas Joy?

Malifaux – I picked up a Reaper Krampus model to use in some holiday scenarios for Malifaux. What's a Krampus? Click here to find out.

To use this as the model represented in the Wyrd scenarios I needed to mount it to a 60mm base. The reaper model is a bit on the small side and looked a little unimpressive on that size base. I decided to use one of my rocky bases and add some undelivered presents to the base. I think this helped to describe the scene and set a tone for the model. 

After basing it up I added some addtional sand and gravel to smooth the transition point where the boxes had been glued to the base. I quick shot of primer and it was ready to paint. Looking on the internet it seems there are several colors that the Krampus typically comes in: black, white or red. I decided to go with the traditional red devil look as I feel that will really stand out against the snow I plan on applying to the base.