Painted 3D Terrain - Post Apocalyptic Style

Terrain – 3D printing continues to move forward leaps and bounds which means getting access to cool terrain and custom parts is easier than ever. Back in January Jose at sent me a bunch of terrain to review. Sadly I’m just now finishing it up, my year has been pretty swamped and I’ve almost surpassed my total painted model count from last year (822) at the halfway point of this year (617).

Anyway this terrain is great and with minimal effort your can get you board populated with some cool stuff that fits multiple systems. The Gaslands and Star Wars themed crates fit in with most other systems to give a variety in shipping crate options. I used the same rust technique I’ve done with my other Necromunda themed pieces.

What's Rusty and Green?

What's Rusty and Green?

Warhammer 40,000 – Orks have always held a spot in my heart, the second blister I ever bought had the Blood Axe Ork Character in it and to this day I wish I had held onto it. It was such a cool model. Anyway the point of the bit of nostalgia is that I like orks, even though I’ve never played them as a full army. Horde armies don’t really appeal to me from a mechanical not visual standpoint. Unless you’re willing to put in to extra time converting each miniature with a horde you’re going to have a bunch of the same model. So while it’s not for me I do like orks from a narrative standpoint, they bring a bit of comedy to a grimdark universe even though the very idea of a horde of green monsters looking for nothing more than to destroy everything in their path is terrifying.

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