Tau Tanks Terrorize Town

Warhammer 40,000 – Tau are by far my least favorite army to paint or play against. I love reading about them and the role they play in the game, especially in the campaign supplements from late seventh edition. They’re more alien feeling than the Eldar and have a really cohesive look and feel. My issue is that cohesive look and feel means painting any model in the range feels very much like painting every other model in the range, particularly with this scheme.

This time around my client decided to add a Spearhead Detachment to his existing force. There are quite a few things I love about 8th edition 40K and the detachment style of building army list ranks at the top. If you work out points costs for your detachments that can fit into a larger army build it becomes very easy to mix and match completely changing how the force functions by swapping in a Spearhead instead of a Vanguard for example.

The paint is pretty standard Vior’la Tau, you can read more about the scheme in these posts.

Tau Commanders


Warhammer 40,000 - I’ve run out of Tau puns it seems, sometimes I have projects that are complete forces that are provided all at once and it takes a little longer to complete them but when I turn the models back over to my clients they have a complete force. Other times I get things piece meal as my clients ad new parts or are acquiring the force in small chunks. With these I can typically turn the models around fairly quickly based on my work load.

As with the other models for this client I start with a white primer and work my way up from Ulthuan Grey to White Scar with Agrax Earthshade applied to the lines.