You Owe Me ... Dark Debts

Malifaux – After reading the Ten Thunders book for Malifaux, Jacob Lynch's crew was the one that stood out to my as very unique and fun to play. Yes I know they're technically Neverborn and i should just stick win Shang Tsung, sorry Yan Lo, but something about this crew has me hooked. 

Jacob Lynch essentially runs an Opium Den, however in Malifaux it's not opium, the drug of choice is called Brilliance and it eats away at the users soul leaving them as a mutated shell. Pretty cool huh? In game the model has a bunch of cool abilities that tie his mechanics and story together really well. As I've come to expect from any model in Malifaux, just by reading their card and the names of their abilities you get a sense of exactly what their story is.

In addition to the Dark Debts box, I had Mr. Tannen, Mr. Graves and Santanna to assemble. I still can't get over how huge the boxes are for the new plastics, it seems to be such a waste of space. Looking at the size of the sprues there's not really anything that can be done unless the sprues are cut down to fit into something smaller, but at that point you're adding more potential headaches that should be avoided.

The models themselves are really sharp (both looking and literally, the clawed hand drew blood). Just like the other Wyrd plastics these are very thin and proportional looking. A word of caution, only remove a part from the sprue when you're ready to glue it in place. These parts are so tiny and small that it's easy to lose them or mistake them as flash. (Mr. Tannen has a coin in his fingers) On the sprue each model has a designation as A, B etc. all the parts associated with that model are number A-1, A-2 etc. There aren't any paper instructions so good luck figuring out how those tentacles go together. Minor gripe really but given the number of GW kits I recently assembled there's something to be said for printed instructions.

Nice thing about these is the mold lines are very slight, which means very little scraping at tiny parts. After a bit of cursing and searching on the floor for parts that escaped the confines of my tray; I was able to get all five boxes assembled. Jacob's crew looks really cool and I can't wait to pick up some Beckoners as I think they're essential to his crew functioning and are gorgeous models that I must own.

Santana is a cool model. It was pretty hard work earning her and I like the idea of a Henchman exclusive model. But of course they models was also offered as an incentive for the RPG which takes away some of the exclusivity. Of course it wouldn't make sense to tool a plastic die for a one run miniature so I would guess well see several ways to get these in the future. And since I really like the model I don't have an issue with the secondary value dropping because of increased supply. Had I worked so hard to get this as an investment I might be a little peeved about the so called "limited" nature of the sculpt.

Wyrd wants you to support your LGS! Win Stuff.

This February Wyrd is giving you chance to win a Limited Edition Lord Chompy Bits just for supporting your local game store. Check out the flyer at the right for details. (Click for a larger version)

I think this is really cool on their part as Local Stores are really where players learn about new games and meet new people to play with.

I know most of you probably feel like you get a better deal buying from online discount stores, but with the new shipping increases you're probably playing close to the MSRP when it's all said and done. Why not just pick up what you need from the guy/gal that's providing you with a cool place to play and meet other gamers?

On the painting table ... Dead Men Walking

Malifaux – Continuing my Summer of Malifaux I've been pulling out some of my less used models to get them fully painted. Having just finished some Guild guard for my new demo crew I decided to paint up some Guild Autopsies. Most people find these to be far to situational to be included in most Resurectionist lists and the fact they don't drop Corpse Counters is disheartening.

However I find them to be flavorful additions to the game and particularly when setting up a story encounter they are fun to play. A decent ranged attacked can change the game and sometimes McMorning needs another gun around. (yes I know Desperate Mercs are cheaper and do a better job, but what about after you've killed them?). 

Essentially these were painted in the same way as the Guild Guard. The coats are Adeptus Battle Grey foundation, washed with black and highlight with a cool grey. The pants are painted crimson, washed with earthshade and baal red, then highlight with a bright red and a fluorescent any color red highlight. 

The skin was based with a pale flesh tone and washed with purple then highlighted with my special zombie skin mixture. I toned down the highlight with a light wash of ogryun flesh. After the final highlights I went in around the eyes and open wounds to add some red wash.