Some WIP

Malifaux – Today I started making some of the specialized terrain from the back of the book. In order to make sure everything is fair and even I'm using the plastic CD's that come in CD-R stacks. I've been saving them for some time as well as AOL and old software discs. They fit the description of at least 3" so I've made 2 graveyards, 1 scrap pile, and several swamps. I picked up the gravestones at Micheal's (they are on sale for 25% so you can't use your coupon...lame) and they seem to work well for covering terrain.

In the background of the above shot you can see the Hanging Tree that I've started. Also on the painting table is Lilith's Brood and Nicodem's Crew just base coated at the moment. They are getting the same base treatment as the other crews I've painted. This time I did leave room for water effects and am contemplating creating blood for the Neverborn bases.

I intend to post step-by-step instructions on how I created these terrain pieces once they are completed. So stay tuned. I added a RSS feed button  to subscribe and see when updates are posted.