On the painting table ... Nurse

Malifaux – The final portion of my trip back through the breach is to paint up two nurses for a McMorning crew. These are pretty simple models that are easy to assemble as they are one piece sculpts. And while I like them they do look a little manish and I'd be keen to take a look at the 2E plastic versions if I every got back into playing the game.

I did sculpt and cast a pair of tile bases for these which is nice to have another 30mm round lip base set available that will fit into multiple systems. 

Weird Plastic - More Malifaux Madness

Malifaux – I've been spending some time going through my box of unassembled models and realized I own a ton of Malifaux. Most of my Malifaux gaming as of late has been more of the demo variety which means I'm not using some of the cooler models available to me. I've decided to make an effort to get these models built. Even if I'm not using them having them assembled and painted near my demo table set-up draws more attention.

Before I continue I just want to say I find the new plastics to be easy to work with and much more dynamic than anything else out there. Reproducing the artwork so faithfully is a really amazing feat. As I put together more of these kits I continue to be impressed.

That said whoever designed the cuts for these models should be tarred, feathered and strung up. Good lord putting together the Masters of the Path set was an excercise in frustration. Yan Lo's goatee caused no end to the pain of having fat fingers, even with tweezers it was had to manipulate. And really WTF is up with having to glue together a tiny spear shaft, putting tiny ribbons in the nieces hair etc. Once you get it together and don't lose any of the tiny parts they look amazing but getting there, well it's something.

In addition to the Res/Thunder box I put together McCabe and his band of ruffins, not quite as annoying as Yan Lo's box but still a bunch of tiny parts. Same with the Orian and Riflemen.

Malifaux models have always been fiddly but the plastics take this to a whole new level. No longer can you work at a messy hobby table with a pile of parts to put together and have any hope of making the final thing look like the photo (or render in this case ... which is annoying I miss the well painted photos of finished models). 

Instead I'm working on a clean mat with a tray and towel to catch anything I might drop. Trust me take some extra time with these and work in a pristine space if you drop one of the tiny bits in a pile of plastic shavings you're never gonna find it.

Once you get over the assembly process the models are amazing. One concern I have is transportation of then. With the dynamic sculpts they're not fitting in my Battlefoam case with standard cuts. I fear I may have to shell out for some additional trays and might even need to do the custom cut option to protect the thin parts that extend beyond the base. 


On the painting table ...

Malifaux – As I'm super excited about the World Wide - Dead Heat campaign, I've decided to switch up my projects and focus on finishing my Malifaux factions. Digging through my boxes I came across a Dead Rider and Night Terrors that I never took out of the box. When book 4 first came out I was a huge fan of the Night Terrors and proxied them with some old GW bats. After I while I stopped using them and had forgot I even had the models. The Dead Rider isn't really a model I find super useful however it looks cool so I need to paint it up and try to find a niche for it.

Putting the models together I found some of the gaps to be to noticeable for my liking, particularly where the wings join the body on the Night Terrors. Using a little green stuff I sculpted some fur to better hide the joins. The rock formations the models attach to the base with are a little weird so it took some work to get them to blend into the cobblestone bases I'm using for all my Resurectionist models. I think with the right colors the rock outcrops could appear to be broken masonry or statues. 

After a quick base coat and simple wash the models are on their way to being tabletop ready. Next step is to flesh out the details and finish them.

On the painting table ...

Malifaux – After trying a few games with a single Dead Doxy I decided they would work better as a pair. Currently I have the Dead Justice as one and I've "converted" Collete to act as my second Doxy. 

To "convert" the Collete I didn't really want to do much as I really like the model. So I did a few minor alterations to the model, I drilled a bullet hole in her back with a pin vice and added a nasty gouge on her leg. Minor thing like this will add to the effect I hope to create with paint. I also twisted her arm and adjusted to hand to be holding a skull and spine. This seemed to be in line with a "magic trick" Seamus would like.

To paint I've been using the same technique as the other zombies I've been working on. A thinned down GX foundation base followed by a wash and highlights gets the models to tabletop quality quickly. From there I will add detail and smooth the transitions as time permits. My goal with any model I use in game is to get paint on it before I used it. While I might not actually finish the model for quite some time at least I have something that looks passable on the table rather than primer grey or bare metal.

One the painting table ... Avatar of something like that

Malifaux – I finally have the two Avatars I picked up assembled and base coated. I really like the Seamus model and the flash line weren't anywhere near as bad as they were on Snowstorm. I hope this is a sign that quality control with resin minis is improving. 

I was happy to see that Kirai was still all metal, however getting her together was a pain. It looks like the robe of Ikyro and the prone Kirai are supposed to join tightly together to give the impression one is coming out of the other. No matter what I tried I couldn't get them to match up right. so I placed Ikyro off to one side and used green stuff to blend the robe into the base. I think I like how this looks better than the models I've seen assembled "correctly."

Still not sure how much I'll like them in the game, but the idea of hulking out mid game is pretty cool.

I've also done some more work to my Alternate Seamus. I removed the "wimpy" flintlock and replaced it with one of the shotgun-type weapons in the Hats and Guns pack. I think this change really reinforces the homage to Evil Dead and more people will get it.

On the painting table ...

Malifaux – I'm wrapping up a commission. The final part is a Student of Conflict. While I think this is a cool model, I didn't really enjoy painting it. Something about the sandals was giving me issues. Once I got into the scheme I picked out it seemed to flow more naturally. I think part of my problem is I hardly ever see them on the table so the only reference I had was from the packaging. The color scheme on the package is really dark and didn't feel right for the model in my opinion.

For my own collection I finally got around to painting up the Spirit of Lost Love. After having a terrible game with Kirai last week, I decided to assemble and paint the models I'd been proxying since the book was released. Hopefully this will help knock the rust off, as I plan on playing her again until I get better with the model. My preferred master is Seamus and I've been playing tons of games with him as of late, so my other masters are feeling a bit neglected.

To paint the Spirit of Lost Love, I started with a light blue undercoat. I followed that up with a wash of deep blue. After that dried I went back in with my base color and added highlights which were worked up to pure white. I then went back and lightly applied wash to the recesses and any areas that had to much contrast.

Off the painting table ....

Malifaux – My Resurrectionists are getting close to completion.

I've finished up the Crooked Men, and Necropunks. In practice the Crooked Men are really strong models, the versatility they bring to the table is really helpful. The shafted counters force opponents to make hard decisions. Not always effective in doing what you want them to, but that random chance is enough to cause concern for your opponent.


Just found out that AMC is making the Walking Dead into a TV series. The comic is pretty good and I can't wait to have a zombie TV show.

Off the painting table...

Malifaux – I've finally gotten around to taking photos of some of my own finished pieces. I'm primarily a Resurrectionist player and prefer to use Seamus. I find him to fit my style best. Nicodem and McMorning both see plenty of table time as each master excels at different strategies. You can see the updated photos in the Gallery link.

I've chosen to stick with a green theme for each of the masters. Even though though this is a skirmish game I like to carry through general color schemes so that the models feel cohesive on the table. With other models I try to keep the skin tones similar, for example the Belles are a bit fresher so they have more color, where the Punk Zombies are rotting and therefore have a greener hue to their flesh.

All of my Resurrectionists models are based on the Dragonforge Designs Cobblestone bases. These are easy to work with and a great deal, you can get 10 30mm bases for $10. He has a nice selection available, my Neverborn are based on the Forgotten Empires set and the Guild are on a combination of the Trench Boards and Broken Wasteland. I'll be posting photos of them as the move back onto my painting table. If you want a consistent look throughout your force I highly recommend these bases. The quality is outstanding and they are really easy to work with.

The Undertaker's Lot

Malifaux – Just finished up a commission for the Undertaker's Lot crew. This one is tons of fun to paint. I went with a greenish rotting look for the punks, since they seem to be in a serious state of decomposition. Nicodem is in traditional black as that's how I picture an undertaker. Mortimer is one of my favorite models in the range. I can't help but think of "Mickey's Christmas Carol" every time I look at his face though. He bears a striking resemblance to Pete from that cartoon. You can see the rest of the crew here.

This past weekend was the "Copycat Killer" tournament at Pandemonium in Garden City, MI. Our group had an amazing time. I came in 13th out of the almost 30 participants, and enjoyed ever game. I can't help but think 4 rounds might be to many for a tournament, it ran really long. Even so they had all the encounter locations represented and there's talk of a league starting in January. 

Some WIP

Malifaux – Today I started making some of the specialized terrain from the back of the book. In order to make sure everything is fair and even I'm using the plastic CD's that come in CD-R stacks. I've been saving them for some time as well as AOL and old software discs. They fit the description of at least 3" so I've made 2 graveyards, 1 scrap pile, and several swamps. I picked up the gravestones at Micheal's (they are on sale for 25% so you can't use your coupon...lame) and they seem to work well for covering terrain.

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