Malifaux – I finished the graveyards and swamps I was working on. The water effects really add a ton of depth to the finished pieces. Photos are posted in the gallery. I like having some uniform terrain that can be easily boxed up for travel. 

Monday I took the swamp terrain and a few buildings over to a buddy's place for a 4 player game of Malifaux. I played the Seamus Crew, and the other guys played Lilith, Rasputina and Marcus. We played on a 3'x3' table with deployment in the center 8" of each side. The swamps were considered 2" severe, water terrain, graveyards were as listed in the book and the buildings were impassible terrain.

After flipping for our strategies and picking schemes we set-up. To my right was the Marcus crew, left was Lilith and across the table was Rasputina. After flipping for initiative, the Lilith player activates the Nephilim and carries Lilith close to Seamus and a Belle. The Rasputina player moves the golem forward and the Marcus player brings the sabertooth around towards Sybil and the other belles.

From that point on my luck proceeded to go downhill quickly. Seamus was detroyed by Lilith and the Nephilim. The sabertooth, Miranda and Marcus decimated the belles and Sybil, while the Rasputina player sat back making ice walls. The game was quick and brutal. Marcus won in the end; accomplishing Slaughter, and both schemes he picked.

In hindsight I think 4 player games have to be played on a 4'x4' table. It was fun and we got to the action faster then we did with the other games we played on a bigger table. I think you need to have that first turn or two to get into position and a bigger table provides that.