Malifaux – I finished a "hanging tree" and a scrap heap for my terrain set.  I'm working on corpse, scrap and blood counters, those should be up in the next few days. 

The commission that had the Ramos Crew, gave me Joss to paint for him as well. It should be interesting as I've never painted Indian skin tone before. I've almost finished the Nicodem and Lilith crew boxes and should have photos of them early next week.

For my own crews I'm using Dragonforge Design bases. I'll be putting Seamus's crew on the cobble stone and the Death Marshalls on the Wasteland bases. I've used these before for my space marine army and really like them. There will be a review and a brief working with resin tutorial in the near future.

Necromunda – My gaming group has put a hold on our Necromunda campaign while we explore Malifaux. I have all the parts needed for my genestealer cult and hope to get them together soon. I found these really cool GW-style bases from Champ Industries that I'll be basing them on.