A New Decade & Some WIP

The new year has brought some new commissions, currently I'm finishing up several Young Nephilims that will join the Lilith crew I painted last year. I'm not a huge fan of the "dancing sculpt" but the angry looking model is pretty cool. As with the other models I painted for him, my client wanted the hair/loin clothes to be different colors to distinguish between the duplicate sculpts. The models are based on Dark Age Lava Inserts, which are a really great product. 

I'm also trying to get my own crews ready for the casual league that starts next week. I've got all three of my Resurrectionists crews base coated. The league is escalation style, so every two weeks you have 5 more Soul Stones to buy minions with. I'm hoping it will be a great experience.

Christmas means many new games to enjoy. I was lucky enough to receive Smallworld and have played over a dozen times since Christmas. The mechanics are simple and a game won't last more than and hour and a half (playing with the maximum amount of players). My wife enjoys it as well as the rest of my gaming club, in fact it has has dominated the last few game nights. Yes it's that addictive. There are also several expansions that add new races and abilities, I would imagine both are must haves for this game. I'll discuss Rogue Trader, Ticket to Ride, Set and Set Cubed in future posts once I've had a chance to play them.