The Undertaker's Lot

Malifaux – Just finished up a commission for the Undertaker's Lot crew. This one is tons of fun to paint. I went with a greenish rotting look for the punks, since they seem to be in a serious state of decomposition. Nicodem is in traditional black as that's how I picture an undertaker. Mortimer is one of my favorite models in the range. I can't help but think of "Mickey's Christmas Carol" every time I look at his face though. He bears a striking resemblance to Pete from that cartoon. You can see the rest of the crew here.

This past weekend was the "Copycat Killer" tournament at Pandemonium in Garden City, MI. Our group had an amazing time. I came in 13th out of the almost 30 participants, and enjoyed ever game. I can't help but think 4 rounds might be to many for a tournament, it ran really long. Even so they had all the encounter locations represented and there's talk of a league starting in January.