Wrapping up

Malifaux – I just finished up some new terrain pieces for a commission. The client wanted some of the special terrain features that are listed in the book. He currently has a Badlands/Frontier Town layout and needed the pieces to match a dark earth board. 

The Soulstone Vein was created by sculpting the vein with a 2 part epoxy applied over a textured wallpaper. While the fluff says Soulstones are a milky white color, I prefer to do a glowing green color so it stands out on the table better. 

The mysterious effigies were sculpted using a 2 part epoxy and look similar to the Ancient Monument. In my mind the Tyrant Entities are like eldritch demons, so I tried to create something that would represent that. In the same vein the Magical Nexus was built to look like a summoning circle. Using standing stones to indicate a potent magical space.

The scrap pile and graveyard are on CD bases and were created using casts from Hirst molds and some other pieces I had lying around. 

I also finished the Victoria crew for the same client. You can see the full crew in the gallery section. Overall I'm happy with the way they turned out. For tabletop quality I think they look very nice. 

I kept with a limited color pallet to make the models look like they belong together on the tabletop. Oddly enough green, orange and red look really sharp when tied together as in this crew. The legs of the Sword Vic are a bit strange, at first glance it seems like she's wearing stockings but looking closer it's more of a thigh-high boot.