Team Seamus

Adding to my ever expanding wardrobe of gaming gear is a football jersey. Every few years I create a new jersey for my fantasy football league. In the past I've had a Cryx Jersey and Black Legion Jersey made. In honor of my current gaming addiction I've had a Resurrectionist Jersey made. 

The font is an outlined version of "Blood Crow" which doesn't seamlessly translate to applique very well. I really like how it turned out and it's a nice change from my standard black. It's tricky ordering blank jerseys from uniform suppliers because the ones that are meant to be actual uniforms don't really fit well without pads and they tend to have a large steel-mesh grid rather than the standard dazzle material. Which means if you get that you'll need a t-shirt under it.

In other news I'll be starting a big project after I wrap up the game room renovation. It's inspired by this project. So I'll be posting step by steps once I begin.