Downtown Malifaux

Malifaux – work continues on the downtown breach district. I've detailed out three buildings and have the base coats on them. I decided that I'm going to try to stay away from the traditional grays for this board. It seems like everytime you see a urban board it's all gray. This might help make the minis stand out but I don't think it feels right. 

As when I first began this project, it seems like a waste of time to make the buildings useable from the inside. That said I also decided that they needed ladders and fire escapes to make them more than a big impassible box. If someone insists on going into them, I've come up with a house rule. "It takes two movement actions to go from one floor to the other, and this allows you to go anywhere on that floor when inside the building. 

I picked up some Victorian style street lights at the local train store and will be using them on each building base.