An evening with Ramos...

On of my regular clients picked up Ramos and a bunch of Arcanist stuff to take advantage of the Free Gemlinette promotion and avoid the "price hike." So, I now had the Ramos box, a spiderswarm, 2 horecat prides, an electrical creation and a bras arachnid to assembly and paint to a tabletop standard. 

I began by putting everything together one evening, then priming them the next day. As the primer dried I picked out a color scheme for the crew. Simple silver and brass for the constructs and a deep blue for Ramos and the 'borg. I decided to make the horecats match the tiger I did for him before.

Setting everything up like an assembly line, I painted all of one color and then moved on to the next. Having cleaned off my painting table prior and putting all the colors I needed within arms reach expedited the process. I've noticed that GW washes dry much faster when the AC is on, something to keep in mind.

I finished up everything but the Steamborg and Electrical Creation in the course of a few hours. Those two need a little extra attention to make the fleash and burlap look good.