Off the painting table...

Malifaux – I've finally gotten around to taking photos of some of my own finished pieces. I'm primarily a Resurrectionist player and prefer to use Seamus. I find him to fit my style best. Nicodem and McMorning both see plenty of table time as each master excels at different strategies. You can see the updated photos in the Gallery link.

I've chosen to stick with a green theme for each of the masters. Even though though this is a skirmish game I like to carry through general color schemes so that the models feel cohesive on the table. With other models I try to keep the skin tones similar, for example the Belles are a bit fresher so they have more color, where the Punk Zombies are rotting and therefore have a greener hue to their flesh.

All of my Resurrectionists models are based on the Dragonforge Designs Cobblestone bases. These are easy to work with and a great deal, you can get 10 30mm bases for $10. He has a nice selection available, my Neverborn are based on the Forgotten Empires set and the Guild are on a combination of the Trench Boards and Broken Wasteland. I'll be posting photos of them as the move back onto my painting table. If you want a consistent look throughout your force I highly recommend these bases. The quality is outstanding and they are really easy to work with.