Downtown Malifaux (part five)

Malifaux – The base is almost finished. As it turns out much like most projects this is far more work than I anticipated. Between casting the "right" pieces and getting them to fit the layout I've spent many night with my hands covered in glue plaster and resin. However the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is approaching and the basic construction is almost done.

While the resin casts of street sections was a great idea and saved me a ton of time, there are some nasty gabs that need to be filled. If I kept this simple and did a flat board the gaps wouldn't be much of an issue, of course I had to be "creative" and do something fancy. To solve the gap problem I'm using milliput and my trusty brass rod to texture it. The gray putty I picked up seemed to be extraordianrily hard to mix, but I found a little water helps to ease that problem. It's also helpful to smooth out the rolls of gray-stuff between the cracks. The transitions don't look as great as the pieces I cast but once they're painted you shouldn't be able to notice the difference.

I picked up some course ballast for the train tracks and attached them to the board with tacky glue. Because the track is part of a train set I had to cut away the join tabs to make it more realistic looking. Once that dries I'll finish the details on the other side of the tracks and be able to move on to painting.